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Web Sites Are Such Fun

In switching my provider to, I seem to have lost most of the content of my original site. Not happy but have to do the best I can with what I have. So as time goes by, you will start to see some of my older posts slowly return to this site. You’ll also hopefully start to see some new posts.

Ever the optimist, half full kind of person I am, I see this cloud as having a bit of a silver lining. First and foremost, it declutters Traveler’s Tales, something I have needed to do for years. Second, it has refocused me to share only those things that are bits of me. Things I have written and pictures I have taken. All rules are made to be broken or bent at one time or another, you can read more about that in the new version of the About Page. There is good and bad in everything, that is true enough, but if I focus on the posts I might have lost and might not be able to recover, it would be too much like grieving and I’m not up for that.

Prayers for recovery of older posts though  are most appreciated.